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Councillor Janys Alexander

We moved to Lilbourne in 1984, and as my three sons all attended Yelvertoft School I was on the Yelvertoft School Association for some years.  I have been a volunteer driver of the village bus since 1985, and have also been on the Parochial Church Council since 1985 – most recently as its secretary, leader for nature conservation and social history, and as a churchwarden. My late husband John and I led the church bells restoration project (they were restored in 2012)  and our son Ian is currently in charge of bellringing at  the church.

I have served on the Parish Council for some 25 years: 1991-1999, 2002 – 2018 (as vice-Chair for a few years)  and 2022 – ongoing. I was closely involved with the War Memorial project, which was successfully concluded when it was put in place just before the centenary of the Armistice in 2018, and with the colourful display of poppies that we had at the entrance to the village that year. Currently my main areas of Parish Council responsibility are the production of the monthly Lilbourne Newsletter, which I’ve done for most of the last 25 years (except for 2018 – 2022)  and as a member of LPC’s Minibus sub-committee.