New Social Housing in Lilbourne

Social Housing at Lilbourne

Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association will be taking ownership of new social housing properties at Country View, Lilbourne. The development includes:

For Rent:

1 x 2-bed semi-detached house

3 x 3-bed semi-detached houses

1 x 2-bed detached bungalow

This development is built on what is known as an exception site. This means that local connection to the village is prioritised alongside housing need.

Interested applicants can register their interest with NRHA at

But to be considered for a property, all applicants for the rental units must be on the Housing Register with Daventry Homechoice. You can apply online at:

Once available to let, properties are advertised online with Daventry HomeChoice and registered applicants will have the opportunity to bid for a property. When the advertising week closes, Daventry Homechoice will go through all applicants who made a bid and allocate according to housing need and local connection. If no one with required housing need and local connection has bid, then they would look at adjoining parish connections and then district connections. Daventry Homechoice then send through successful applicants to NRHA in priority order. NRHA carry out home interviews and confirm affordability and local connection of the applicant.

For more information you can contact Mark Boon or Claire Baggaley at NRHA –